Have you ever been asked, “What is your passion?” or “What motivates you to get out of bed every day?” or as my husband always asks, “How do you make a difference in the world every day?” I particularly like the third question because it causes people to pause and reflect. Some answer quickly, but many fumble.

I know the fumbling all too well; I struggled to answer that question for years. Most days I went to my corporate-type job knowing, feeling, that intrinsic value was missing. What I did never felt important. The people were definitely important, so I put my focus on them, but the work in many ways felt meaningless.

After years of frustration and sincerely seeking God for my personal passion and drive, He placed Discovering Me, an inspirational blog, in my heart as my expression of making a difference in the world every day.

I have always cared deeply for people. I want to soothe their pain, dry their tears, be a listening ear, be a shoulder to lean on, give an encouraging word, or my personal favorite, cause an eruption of laughter. My hope is that Discovering Me can be a door of opportunity God can open to help women discover their personal “me” while learning how to be comfortable not only in their skin, but in their heart, mind, and spirit.

My personal and professional journey has taken many twists in the last couple of years. I am certainly not where I thought I might be, but I am exactly where God intended for me to be. I am still on my own path of discovery and learning how to be, and as I walk along I seek to bring others with me.

So let me ask, “How do you make a difference in the world every day?” I would love to hear your story. Please comment below. And if you don’t know how you make a difference, I hope through my writing I can help you answer this question. I promise you are making a difference every day even if you aren’t able to see it.

11 thoughts on “Why

  1. I make a difference by praying for people I don’t know yet who are seeking healing from their hurts, habits and hangups. I’ve seen this impact our Celebrate Recovery ministry. Prayer is powerful! At work I wear my smile and many days people comment about how happy I look and if time allows I get to tell them why. The story of how great my God is and how he took care of me through my most recent storm.
    I often struggle with where God wants me to serve and looking for something big to do for HIS kingdom but I have the gift of hospitality and use that to greet visitors to our church.
    I have been told I also have the gift of encouragement and I get to use that gift often with a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and words of encouragement.

    It’s not about the one BIG thing I can do but it’s the little and sometimes unnoticed things that are done daily that I can do for HIS glory.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa. I love that you see the impact of the little gestures. It is often those moments that have a greater, longer lasting impact. It is very Christ-like in that He stopped, listened, and did what each moment required no matter how big or small. And I know firsthand the encouragement your smile can bring.


  2. Kindness is the thing that I think makes a ginormous difference for everyone. Not saying I make that difference everyday for someone else, however your question causes me to consider ways of creating opportunities for kindness to be shown everyday. Intentional Kindness!

    And btw…You are one of the kindest human beings I have met, with the least amount of judgment toward another. I love that about you.

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    1. Valerie, I have to agree kindness is key. And absolutely that makes a difference in the world because I find that kindness, true kindness, is rare. I appreciate your “kind” words toward. Kindness has been modeled for me since birth – and you are definitely one of my top models.


  3. Megan! What a wonderful question to ask on a daily basis! If only we would all wake up and ask that. This is a great reminder! I went to a global summit conference in August from willow creek and John Maxwell’s speech left me in tears! On a daily basis he wakes up with the intention of making people feel valued and he thinks about it so it will be intentional. Throughout his day he looks for opportunities. I hope and pray that I can remember this concept and apply it to my daily life. Great post Megan! Thanks for making us examine our hearts and lives.

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    1. John Maxwell has an extraordinary gift. Thank you for sharing his desire to be intentional about adding value every day. I join with you in hoping and praying that I too can be intentional daily in looking for opportunities to bring value to someone. We just have to step outside of ourselves, right? I appreciate you sharing – thank you!


  4. I make a difference in the world everyday by taking care of me first. If I don’t first take time to honor and love myself by praying, reading a devotion, worshipping and listening to my Saviors voice then I do no good for myself, and I am completely useless to others. By making these steps a priority in my life, I am available to be used for the work God has set before me for the day. I spent a large amount of my life taking care of everyone else and putting myself ninth or tenth on my list which left me lonely and depleted. The journey to recognizing my value and worth is a difficult one and I struggle with it every day. Sometimes, it is a next to impossible to put me first, so many other things call for my attention but without taking care of “me” then I can’t “be” a difference to any one in the world.

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    1. Dora, you make such a good point about taking care of ourselves – especially as women. We tend to make sure everyone else is taking care of first and then we are too exhausted to do anything let alone take care of us. It is very hard to look inward, because it feels selfish, but it’s not. Thank you for sharing your difference as “self-care.” Hugely important. Definitely an area I struggle with.


  5. How do I make a difference in the world everyday? This is such an excellent question and one that I have been thinking about. I think many of us want to make BIG change-it’s a whole big world out there and in order to make a difference you must be doing something on a global level, right? As I’ve been thinking about this, I think the answer for me is no, it doesn’t have to be something huge. I’d like to think it’s possible to make a difference by small gestures-a kind word to a stranger, a text to a friend just to let them know you’re thinking about them, toning down your frustration when talking to a customer service rep (it’s not THEIR fault your order is delayed)-and hopefully these small gestures make a difference in someone’s day.

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  6. Love this. There is so much power in small gestures and kindness. You are so right – it is not the customer service reps fault! But so many people unfortunately take it out on them. Thank you for always showing kindness to me. No doubt people feel your small gestures each and every day.


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