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Hey, Girl. Where Have You Been?

That is a GREAT question. Where HAVE I been? My last published blog was April 11, 2017, which was 353 days ago. Wow.  Let me first start by saying I did not take a trip to space. I did not set out to discover if the world is flat then fall off the edge. Nor did I crawl into a hole and hibernate for the last year. In fact, I have been right here in Salt Lake City living life and discovering more and more what it means to learn how to be. But over the course of the year I have done some traveling to see family and friends, and in those travels, I've had moments of great clarity. I love clarity, don't you? 

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The Pit of Despair

Any Princess Bride fans out there? Do you remember when Westley was captured by the Six Fingered Man (the character's name is Count Tyrone Rugen - I never knew that!) and was put in the Pit of Despair to die??? I got a kick out of finding this clip from the movie on YouTube:… Continue reading The Pit of Despair