Then Three Became Seven

Everything was all set. Ken and I were going to cook dinner for our house guest on a Sunday evening. Simple. Easy. Casual. Just the three of us. Then three became seven.

My husband asked if we could invite a good friend of us all, her husband, and daughter over to dinner as well. My first response: no. I couldn’t wrap my head around having a dinner party for six. All the excuses for why I couldn’t host six people were racing through my mind.

But then I stopped myself and started figuring out how to make it happen.

Fear Much?

God has given me a gift in Discovering Me. He is providing me a rare opportunity to tell my story so it can be used for His glory. But if I continue to bury the story in the ground out of fear, I risk losing it. I risk losing a chance to help other women understand how valuable they are just the way they are.

Today I Turn 39

I know, why would I put my age out there. I figure why not. I am totally embracing my final year in this decade known as the 30s. In truth, I am very excited to welcome the 40s… but I am happy to wait another 364 days before officially doing so. And as my dad…