Invite Me

Please invite me! I am available for speaking engagements that will encourage, empower, and remind women that they are never alone and that they are more than enough.

Below are some themes God put on my heart to share. I look forward to bringing hope and truth, but mostly a message of how valuable women are – God isn’t looking for anything or anyone else but YOU! All of us were uniquely created for a distinct purpose – let that light shine!


Perfectionism Addict
If it can’t be perfect, then it’s not worth doing at all. Have you ever fallen prey to this limiting belief? Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like someone battling alcohol or drug addiction, you can be addicted to perfectionism – I know this because I was, and still am. I will share ways I have learned to walk away from perfectionism and focus on the things – the Person – that truly matters.

While at a Kingdom Writer’s Conference in July 2016, a wave of inspiration came over me using DISCOVER as an acronym that represents all the lies I have believed in for so many years. Lies planted in my mind by Satan, and yet many of those lies self-generated. In response, God laid on my heart a second use of DISCOVER that is full of His truth, completely dispelling the lies.

Control Freak
Do you have a hard time letting go of control? Do you believe that no one can do the task as well as you? In fact, if you were to delegate or empower someone else to complete the job the world would fall apart? If you are shaking your head yes, then I cringe telling you… you are a control freak. But I totally get it, because I am one too! Here is the great thing, though, we don’t have to be in control, and in fact, God’s word confirms that He is the one in control. We CAN let it go.

Smoke and Mirrors
Are you living an illusion? Is your life made up of smoke and mirrors, in other words misdirects? Are you hoping that NO ONE ever finds out who you REALLY are? Yep, that was me. The queen of smoke and mirrors, trying to maintain an impossible image. I am still learning what it fully means to be a child of God, but through Psalms 139 I have discovered how uniquely and wonderfully I am made – just as I am – and I can’t wait to encourage others with that same truth.

Depression Isn’t a Death Sentence
Depression sucks, and it can absolutely suck the life out of you. You can attempt to deal with depression with pills, alcohol, other vices, relationships, living life on the couch, but ultimately you will be let down… by yourself. The only true hope is God. I openly discuss my history with depression and how God has shone a bright light into the dark areas of my life.

I’m Allergic to That
I share my story about dealing with severe food allergies since birth, and how God has used life-threatening events, people and His grace and mercy to help me face and overcome my greatest fear: dying from something I eat! All of us have something we fear, but how we choose to respond to fear is critical. We can either Forget Everything And Run or we can Face Everything And Rise.

Note that all themes can be adapted into 30 – 90 minute presentations; speaking rates available upon request. Please reach me for details.