Discovering Me | Discovery 1: If you aim for perfection, you will always be disappointed. Perfection does not exist. So find beauty in the imperfect. Freedom exists within the imperfect.  Discovering Me | Discovery 2: If I am in control, then nothing can go wrong. That's a lie. Here's the truth. If I am in control, then everything can go wrong. Freedom exists within control being God's and God's alone. Let. It. Go.  Discovering Me | Discovery 3: The fastest way toward an attitude adjustment is gratitude. When those bad days come, push them aside with deliberate gratefulness. Freedom exists within a heart of gratitude.

Discovering Me | Discovery 4: The persistent love of an animal, the constant need for attention is exactly how Christ feels about us. He pursues us wholeheartedly so we know we are dearly loved. Freedom exists when we embrace His persistent love.  Discovering Me | Discovery 5: I judge. You judge. It is human nature to cast judgment on others. Yet, we can choose to fight against our humanness and see part our judgments. Freedom exists when we can look beyond our judgments with a heart of acceptance.  Discovering Me | Discovery 6: No matter how I may feel about myself, that should never presume how others feel about me. Self-perception can distort reality. Freedom exists when we allow others to comes to their own conclusions about us, especially when we've got it wrong.

Discovering Me | Discovery 7: Christmas isn't about trees, colorful lights, sweet treats, and presents. Christmas is about the amazing gift of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. May you find freedom in embracing the greatest gift you will ever receive... His life and death.   Discovering Me | Discovery 8: Caring about what others think of you is dangerous. It can be debilitating to a point where you can no longer function. Freedom exists when we area able to let go of their opinions and fall into what God thinks of us.   Discovering Me | Discovery 9: If you feel responsible all the time, perhaps it is time to re-examine your definition of responsible. We cannot be all things to all people at all times. Nor can we carry the burden of responsibility everywhere we go. There is freedom in being able to say no.


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Then Three Became Seven

Discovering Me Blog | The Three Became Seven | Everything was all set. Ken and I were going to cook dinner for our houseguest on a Sunday evening. Simple. Easy. Casual. Just the three of us. Then three became seven.Everything was all set. Ken and I were going to cook dinner for our house guest on a Sunday evening. Simple. Easy. Casual. Just the three of us. Then three became seven.

My husband asked if we could invite a good friend of us all, her husband, and daughter over to dinner as well. My first response: no. I couldn’t wrap my head around having a dinner party for six. All the excuses for why I couldn’t host six people were racing through my mind.

But then I stopped myself and started figuring out how to make it happen. Continue reading

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