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40 Things: Part One

It's true. I am now 40 years old ... well, I have been 40 since August 5, 2017. I threw myself a party surrounded by family and friends; it was a great time and one that I will always remember (and will always thank my parents for graciously letting me use their house!). There are so many great things about turning 40; in fact, I recently sat down and wrote out a list of 40 things I have learned, experienced, finally understood, enjoyed ... since I turned 40. Would you like to explore my list? Of course, you do!

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"You've just been recalibrating." Those were some of the most powerful words I have heard this year. I was finally able to see that all I've struggled with the past few months was not about failure but rather about recalibrating. Talk about dark clouds moving out and the sun shining! I am extremely hard on… Continue reading Recalibrating