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40 Things: Part One

It’s true. I am now 40 years old … well, I have been 40 since August 5, 2017. I threw myself a party surrounded by family and friends; it was a great time and one that I will always remember (and will always thank my parents for graciously letting me use their house!).

There are so many great things about turning 40; in fact, I recently sat down and wrote out a list of 40 things I have learned, experienced, finally understood, enjoyed … since I turned 40. Would you like to explore my list? Of course, you do!


The following things are not ranked in any particular order of importance or significance. It’s simply the random way things came to my mind, and truth be known I could have gone way past 40! So, here I go …

  1. A&W Cream Soda. I can no longer have caffeine and the fact that Cream Soda not only tastes awesome but has no caffeine – wow. It’s become my newest, albeit unhealthy, sugary craving.
  2. Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. I am not allergic to them at all AND they taste great with Cream Soda. Again, not saying this is a healthy combo; just confessing that I am obsessed and all since I turned 40!
  3. Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream Ice Cream. Oh, my word am I in love with this ice cream. This one crept into my life before I turned 40, but since turning 40 the love affair with Stephen Colbert has increased ten-fold. I am very thankful that my husband is tolerant and understanding!
  4. Kitty Trees/Condos that Need Assembling. DO NOT BUY. The assembly isn’t too bad, but when you are done you realize how unstable they are … and that your cat refuses to play on it. So, only buy ones that come assembled! I still have my bad purchase sitting in my guest room … unused, praying it won’t fall over!
  5. Control Isn’t Everything. Whoa. That’s a bold statement coming from a proclaimed control freak. But it’s true. In fact, I am learning that letting go of control at times can really bring more peace and joy into my life. And by golly, I don’t know everything and I am not always right. I can feel this coming back to haunt me when I have a control fit.
  6. The Joy of Being a Peon. I LOVE being support staff. Having been a manager for so many years, making decisions, carrying a lot of responsibility, overseeing people – it was stressful and ultimately did not agree with me. Now I serve as a Chiropractic Assistant to a great doctor and I love every minute of it! I can support what he wants to do – and I don’t have to carry the stress and responsibility. I was made to be a peon and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money or stress in the world! And it gives me great joy to know that I am making the doctor’s life better by taking on the tasks that cause him stress. Only took 22 years of working to figure that one out!
  7. LuLaRoe. I am in love. It is a clothing company that is all done online and through social media. I was introduced to a Bonnie Mousley and her LuLaRoe inventory and now my closet is full of pieces that are colorful, comfortable, versatile, and just downright cute. If you have never experienced LuLaRoe, please check out her Facebook page.
  8. Norwex. Ok, I am under the influence of MLM companies here in Utah – it’s hard not to be – but every now and then you find a product that is awesome. I am addicted to Norwex body and kitchen cloths. They are self-cleaning. You can use them for 2-3 weeks without them ever smelling damp or moldy. And they can replace products you use like makeup removers and Windex! I can’t do the product justice, so check out the website to learn more.
  9. Doterra Oils. Two words: DigestZen and Peppermint oil. They are lifesavers and all natural. I know several different reps who sell the products, so if you want to know more reach out to me.
  10. Scheduling Calls. When you move away from all your family and friends staying in touch requires some work. I refuse to let relationships fall by the wayside, so I now have calendar reminders every couple of months to reach out to friends and then I schedule calls with them. It is working beautifully and it warms my heart to hear what is going on in their lives. And if you haven’t heard from me in a while … you will. I am a big fan of text messaging too (insert emoji here).
  11. Plastic Bags for Jewelry. I have a lot of jewelry, and on occasion, it can become a huge tangled mess. But when you buy small plastic bags and group sets together in those bags … you not only save time you no longer need tweezers to unknot a gangle of necklaces! Plus when I travel, now I just grab the bags and go. It’s brilliant.
  12. Give Good, Not Old Clothes. I once heard Joyce Meyer share a story that God called her to give her favorite and beloved dress to a woman. She really struggled because she loved the dress, but she listened and it turned out to be a blessing to them both. I recently was given an opportunity to bless a stranger with some of my clothing. As I went through my closet I started by selecting all the things I never wear, but then I stopped and remembered Joyce’s story. So, I ended up picking out a couple of things I loved and something brand new and passed them along. I will never know the impact, but I do know that I felt good giving my good and not my old clothes.
  13. Say Yes to God. When God puts someone or an organization on your heart and then asks you to open up your wallet … say yes. I promise you that even if you think you don’t have it, you will. And I can also promise you that God will return the favor in ways you can’t possibly expect or imagine.
  14. My Cat DOES Love Me. Yes, I honestly have believed at times that my cat hates me, thinks I am an ogre, is mad at me, you name it. But in reality, she loves me. She follows me everywhere. Only likes to sit on my lap and sleep on my head – not Ken’s. She is very persistent … both in wanting attention and in giving attention. Yep, she loves me. I just have to accept that.
  15. Blankets from Costco are Amazing! We, well Ken, was given a blanket from Costco for Christmas. It is the softest, most cuddly blanket I have ever experienced. Sweetness and I took it over and Ken gets to use it occasionally. I could almost be like Linus and drag it with me everywhere I go! I would share the brand with you, but I always cut tags off (insert sad face here).
  16. Red Wine DOES Wash Out. From experience, I can tell you that a full glass of red wine spilled on a cream-colored blanket DOES wash out. Also, pouring salt on top of red wine splatters or spills can bring it to the surface leaving no trace – it’s magical.
  17. Don’t Leave the Fireplace On. When you turn the electric fireplace on in the morning and then leave the house for the day, when you come home it will be 85 degrees or more in your house. And, even though it is 45 degrees outside you have to turn the air conditioning on just to cool off! By the way … this was not MY lesson to learn but someone I live with.
  18. My Favorite Color is Turquoise. Growing up my color was purple, but in recent years I have been drawn to turquoise. It just makes me so happy, whether it is in clothing, wall color, wrapping, jewelry, anything in turquoise just makes my face light up. One day I will have an all turquoise room … just haven’t figured out how to do that without it being obnoxious.
  19. Friends. I love the show. I quote the show. I can watch the show endlessly. I think it is the best sitcom ever created. I will never grow tired of Friends. And since turning 40, it just gets better! And watching Ken see some of the episodes for the first time, and laughing his cute booty off, is the best!
  20. Facebook = Rabbit Hole. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I like that it keeps me connected with people (and it’s where I can buy my LuLaRoe) but I also find that it can be a major time suck. I am scrolling through, commenting, liking and before I know it 30 minutes have gone by. Oh, my. So I call it my Rabbit Hole. No one likes to be in a hole.


Well, I had more to say about the first 20 items of my 40 things than I thought … but really, is that surprising? No, not surprising at all. Let me just note that taking a moment to list out things you’ve learned, things you are grateful for, things you are blessed by can be very therapeutic and a GREAT reminder of how many wonderful things you have in your life. I started this list to be playful and fun, but in reality, it has caused me to reflect on all the blessings I have.

  1. What is the most powerful lesson you have learned in your life? And who taught you that lesson?
  2. At what age were you able to say, “I like myself” and really be able to embrace WHO you are? Are you still waiting for that age to come?
  3. Zero number birthdays can sometimes be hard to face. What’s your next zero number and what are you most looking forward to?

The second half of my 40 Things list will come out very soon – I know you all are waiting on pins and needles. In the meantime, think about creating your list – any kind of list – and then let me know what “list” you decide to focus on.

4 thoughts on “40 Things: Part One

  1. Fun read, Megan! Turning 40 is all about learning who you really are, what you like and what you can do without. We’re works in progress! Thank you for sharing. So happy you’re blogging again! XO

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