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Not My Focus

2017 Focus = Discovering Me. Everything else... not my focus.It will be THE answer I give many times over in 2017: Not my focus.

With the close of 2016, I reflected on all that transpired. I suddenly realized that I’ve spent the last several months doing everything possible to avoid Discovering Me and the task of writing. I poured into things that gave me a sense of accomplishment, but not into the things that would advance Discovering Me.

Most of my life, especially my professional life, I have worked very hard for other people and their dreams. I have given all of me to help produce, lead, manage, or create whatever was necessary to help others/companies reach their goals. Just this September I took on a part-time admin position; a position that would make me feel worthwhile as I helped the organization through a transition. By mid-December it hit me that I was pouring time and energy into someone else’s vision. Into someone else’s focus. My time was spent advancing their goals… not my goals. It was just another distraction from Discovering Me. I am stepping down at the end of January… not my focus.

I’m not about to state what I will accomplish in 2017 – no way. Been there. Done that, and I’ve often had to eat crow. So no crow eating for 2017. So instead, I am going to say less and do more… a whole lot more. And with everything I approach, run it through my focus litmus test. In kindness I may have to tell someone their request is “not my focus”. Bottomline, if what I am taking on doesn’t meet what God has asked me to do, which I will only know by staying in constant communication with Him, then my response will be “not my focus.”

I am tired, extremely tired, of not staying focused on Discovering Me. That said, I also believe – after talking myself through it countless times – that my time spent doing other things has not been wasted. God is showing me that He can redeem all things. In fact, everything I have struggled with in 2016 will just make Discovering Me all the more real, authentic, and powerful. Amen.

2017 Focus = Discovering Me
2017 Not My Focus = Everything Else 

Those are blanket statements, but I believe a clear, distinct, unwavering approach is what God is asking of me. I believe He has been preparing me for 2017. The recalibrating is coming to an end; the reverberating tuning fork is quieting down. He is saying, “I am with you Megan, let’s go.”

Facebook always has ridiculous apps that predict what your word or phrase is for the year. Silly or not, I always take the tests. Pure curiosity. Typically I don’t put a lot of stock into such things, but my results caught my attention. My phrase or quote for 2017 is, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” And my word for the year is GRACE. For me, I know God is getting my attention with both of these… and yes, I believe He can use ANYTHING to reach us!

He is asking me to let go of everything that has or hasn’t happened up until this point with Discovering Me. What’s behind me is not my focus; that’s not where I am headed and there is no sense investing any mental energy toward the past. At the same time, grace is key. I will need to write another blog about grace, but God is showing me that I am generous with grace toward others but not to toward myself. His grace is sufficient for me, always, and I need to embrace that especially if I want to move forward successfully.

Let’s get this year started! Happy New Year everyone!


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