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What Motivates You?

Have you ever been asked, “What is your passion?” or “What motivates you to get out of bed every day?” or as my husband always asks, “How do you make a difference in the world every day?” I particularly like the third question because it causes people to pause and reflect. Some answer quickly, but many fumble.

I know the fumbling all too well; I struggled to answer that question for years. Most days I went to my corporate-type job knowing, feeling, that intrinsic value was missing.What I did never felt important – the people were definitely important so I put my focus on them – but the work in many ways felt meaningless.

Make a difference!After years of frustration and sincerely seeking God for my personal passion and drive, He placed Discovering Me on my heart as my expression of making a difference in the world every day.

I have always cared deeply for people. I want to soothe their pain, dry their tears, be a listening ear, be a shoulder to lean on, give an encouraging word, or my personal favorite cause an eruption of laughter. To be able to do so as an occupation seems impossible, right? Not with God.

Now when I am asked what I do, I can say with confidence that I am passionate about Discovering Me and the doors of opportunity God will open along the way to help women discover the truth about who they are!

At the launch of Discovering Me I wrote a blog, Time to Discover Me, that shared my “why”. That “why” continues to grow and evolve, and the fire God lit within my heart to reach women with truth burns stronger every day.

So let me ask, “How do you make a difference in the world every day?” I would love to hear your story. Please email me at


2 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

  1. How I make a difference in the world each day: When I see aggressive behavior in the people around me, I often roll my eyes and ask myself, “What are they thinking?!” Since I don’t know what they’re thinking, I choose to make it up positive and I extend help, empathy or understanding to them. That way, I keep my composure.


    1. That is an awesome approach Janet. What a great gift to give someone: the benefit of the doubt. I constantly remind myself that I don’t know someone’s full story. It could be riddled with pain, loneliness, despair. My call is not to judge or event to understand, but to love.


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