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Let’s Try This Again

No doubt you know where this story is going. It was the start of day two and lunch was at an Italian place called Meatballs. Did you know that they have pasta and bread at Italian eateries? Did you also know that choosing a salad over pasta and bread is like asking us to cut off our own feet???

We tried to stick to the OPTAVIA program while in Baltimore. Man, we tried. But when push came to pop tart… we went with the pop tart every time! If you’re ever in Annapolis find the Iron Rooster and order their pop tart of the day. Incredible. It’s like four Kellogg’s pop tarts sewn together into one amazing pop tart of food perfection.

Restart ButtonSo what does this mean for the program going forward? It means we try again. It means we hit the restart button. The trip was planned months ago and the program came into our lives within the last four weeks. Sure, we could’ve waited to start the program, but then we would keep making excuses not to start.

Here is the latest conversation I had with me, myself and I regarding our program status:

So what happened? You were so prepared. I know, right? Lack of will power. And when you are spending time with family there is something so natural about enjoying meals together especially when you are tasting local fare.

Did you incorporate your MREs each day? We started the first three days with our first two fuelings… but by lunch we were long gone. We definitely made a choice to eat. It wasn’t impossible, it just became improbable. Bottom line, we didn’t want to be program-focused. We wanted to be vacation-stomach-focused.

Don’t you feel like you have failed in some way? At first, yes. But then I put on my reality hat. This is life. And when we travel we want to enjoy every aspect, which will always include food. So, after four days – mind you we were only gone five – I let myself off the hook.

By enjoying whatever you wanted over the five days, didn’t that undo all that you had done the 10 days prior? Perhaps. But here’s what I know. Ken and I are eager to get home and get back on the program. With the program we feel better, we like ourselves better, and we know in the long run it will work. If anything, the 10 days showed us the potential. The five days showed us how our bad habits are still alive. The days ahead will demonstrate our commitment to optimal health… no matter how long it takes.

What will you do over Thanksgiving and Christmas? Eat. Enjoy. And when we get back hit the restart button again. We have to live life, but if we can make really good choices between now and Thanksgiving, we will make significant headway. And then putting on a couple of vacation pounds won’t be the end of the world.

I discovered something about myself while in Baltimore…aside from the fact that I really love food. I don’t have to get it right all the time. I made some terrible food choices – did you know they have Baskin Robbins in Maryland??? And it was in combo with Dunkin Donuts! Really??? It is okay for me to make mistakes, even if I am just starting out on a program. Sure I may be weak in that moment, but I am not weak overall. I can do this program, and I will do it successfully especially with God walking right alongside of me. So I blew it in Baltimore, but I am not a failure.

No matter what your hurdle may be – weight loss, job change, unemployment, icky co-workers, financial stress, family issues, health issues, abuse – just know deep down that you are not a failure. You may have made mistakes, perhaps huge mistakes, but you are never a failure. God loves you no matter what and that will NEVER change. He knew long ago that you were going to be in debt, have a failed marriage, eat that donut, fall into addiction, destroy your car, whatever your “oops” may be. He has always known and He has alway loved you.

I have been a believer my whole life. I could tell anyone at anytime that God loves them and that His love never changes and never fades. At 39 years old, I am just starting to embrace that truth for myself. So with every word I type here, just know I am speaking to my own heart just as much as I am speaking to yours. I admit it is hard to look in the mirror, be 35 pounds overweight, and believe that God actually loves me. But He does. There is nothing more real, more true. My heart is what He is looking at. He knows it’s a struggle for me to be heavy, and He wants me to be healthy for my sake – not His. But even if I struggle to lose weight the rest of my life, His love for me will NEVER DEPART. EVER.

Your truth – whether you know it yet or not – is that you are incrediblely loved by a God Who never sees your flaws but only your pure heart and what He created you for. Go discover you – it is someone pretty wonderful.


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