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Ten Days In

“Honey, how are you feeling after 10 days on the new program?” His reply, “I feel great!” And he really does. I, on the other hand, am struggling and not feeling as great. For those catching up, Ken and I started OPTAVIA exactly 10 days ago. It’s a fat-burning weight loss program focused on changing your life in pursuit of optimal health.

Now, do you ever find yourself being unrealistic and blowing things out of proportion? Yeah, me too. So to get a clear perspective on the last 10 days here is a little interview I conducted with myself:

Have you lost weight?  Yes.

Did you lose as much as you hoped or wanted?  Not by a long shot. That said, I lost 4.4 pounds in nine days. So…

Did other “female” factors play a role?  Absolutely. No details necessary.

Have you been reasonable with your expectations?  Nope. I rarely am, but I have my health coach, mom and husband who’ve been talking me off the ledge.

Did Ken drop three times as much weight as you did?  Of course, but he’s a dude and they always lose faster. Always. Whatever.

Did you take his success in stride?  Yes and no. Yes because I’m super excited for him, and no because I wanted to lose the same! I’m so darn competitive.

When you review the past week, how are you feeling overall? Is the program worth it?  Overall, I am feeling much better. I don’t feel overly hungry nor overly full. I am still counting/tracking calories; ironically with six feedings a day I haven’t had more than 1,200 calories in a single day which is a wow in my book. I am sleeping better, I have more energy, my body feels like it’s processing stuff. So yeah, it’s worth it… even if it’s only coming off a fraction of a pound at a time.

Point is… I’m losing, not gaining, and I feel better. I am excited – most of the time – about the journey… but the end goal is what creates the desire to do cartwheels, which might actually be possible in 31.6 pounds!

This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix program. We’ve definitely changed our eating habits. Discussions now center on when our last fueling was and what’s tonight’s “lean and green” option. I am amazed at how easy it is even with my challenging food allergies. You don’t have to think about food you just grab a packet and go. And cooking dinner is actually fun because we are so excited to eat REAL food versus what I affectionately call our MREs (military term for Meals Ready to Eat).

OPTAVIA Food SupplyWe are so committed – even in the midst of my frustration – that we packed a carry-on with all our fuelings for Baltimore. What??? It’s insane. But the proof is in the picture. I felt ridiculous opening the suitcase during our layover so we could choose our fuelings for the plane. Both Ken and I pre-made certain items so we would have enough for grab-and-go moments. NEVER have I prepared food for a vacation, and this certainly will not be our norm, but this early on we didn’t want anything to derail us. Nothing… not even all the foods in the airport calling our names.

Once we landed in Baltimore, we got our rental car and hunted for a 24-hour grocery store. Wal-mart to the rescue! To stay on plan we need our safe foods: dill pickle spears, low-fat mozzarella cheese sticks, and lots of water. As we were walking through the store at nearly 11pm we both were super tempted to just grab something tasty. Hey, we’re on vacation! You’ll be glad to know we stuck to our guns and are now eating up cheese sticks!

Wish us luck! Prayers are good too! Oh, and we are going to treat ourselves to yummy ballpark food at the Red Sox vs Orioles game at Camden Yards. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.


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