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Fresh Start

DiscoveringMe.meDo you ever find yourself rearranging furniture, changing the color of the towels in the bathroom, switching out photos all because you get bored or need a fresh start? Well, I do too, but this time I decided to revamp Discovering Me. It just turned one year old so it wasn’t out of date, but after spending the past week working on my husband’s site,, I caught the redesign bug.

Business CardSo, what do you think? Of course this is a WordPress template and they only had ONE  – which for my sanity was probably a good thing – that came anywhere near looking like my template business card from VistaPrint. I have this impulsion to make everything matchy-matchy. I try not to… but I am afraid it’s a deadly disease.

I needed a fresh start. Sometimes we need to take some time and adjust things. It might be because change is desperately needed or it might be as simple as revving up the motivation motor. For me it was about motivation. Because I have been spending time on the site perfecting colors, copy, images, learning Canva BEST.FREE.PROGRAM.EVER. – I am ready to write, motivated to write… no really, I am.

Have you had any fresh starts lately or contemplating one? I would love to hear what’s sparking your “change-it-up” drive. Next up for me, besides writing of course, creating my own social media images on Canva. Seriously addicted.


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