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Dumpster Diving

It wasn’t my finest moment, not by a long shot, but it sure made my husband look like a rock star.

Allow me to set the scene. Yesterday, I came home from having my nails and toes done (this is important because NO GIRL wants to do anything to mess up nails and toes when they are freshly done). I get out of my nice and cool car (also important to note as the temps have been between 95-100 degrees in Salt Lake). I gathered my two empty water bottles and headed over to the recyclables dumpster (I strive to be a planet-friendly citizen).

Keys in the DumpsterI open the lid to the dumpster and tossed in my two water bottles… and my keys!!! Why I had them in the same hand I will never know, but when I heard the jingle through the air and then a clunk at the bottom of the dumpster my heart sank. Now what? I can’t get into the house (because my keys are in the dumpster). I desperately have to tinkle (but my keys are in the dumpster). I have items in the car that I need to bring upstairs (oh yeah, my keys are in the dumpster). What’s a girl (a very blonde girl) to do?

First and foremost: find a bathroom. Thankfully I had just memorized the keypad code to the pool. So I was able to access the restroom in the club house – awesome sauce! Phew. Now I feel better. Oh wait, I still don’t have my keys. Time to call the hubby. After three calls, all going to voicemail, I am feeling a little desperate. So I send this text: “Please call me ASAP. Keys in dumpster.” THAT got a response. He called and headed home right away. Thankfully it was close to the end of his work day and his office was only 5 minutes away.

So while I patiently (and gratefully waited), I posted my error on Facebook. Isn’t that the only thing to do in those situations? I am sure someone, somewhere can relate.

Dumpster RescueWhen my husband got home, the first thing he did was give me a hug, laughed at me, and then got to the business of rescuing my keys. He was happy to save this damsel in distress and with a great smile on his face. Sure he will tease me endlessly, but I should be teased! He was my hero!

Now here is the BEST part of the story. Later in the evening he was joshing me about the keys (I would have done the same). I pointed out to him that it is not every day you get to climb into a dumpster to help a girl out. I mean how many times do you ever get to climb in a dumpster? To my surprise, he answered, “Twice.” Wait, what? You have been in a dumpster before? He confessed that he once threw HIS KEYS into a dumpster and had to retrieve them!!! But his keys got lost because the dumpster was 3/4 full – that’s a whole lot worse than my virtually empty dumpster! I laughed so hard when he told me the story. Now I KNOW we are meant to be together!

So, Megan, apart from your story being both embarrassing, funny and heroic, how does this relate to Discovering Me? Great question.

I have discovered (for me) that the best response you can have to something like dropping your keys in a dumpster is to laugh. It wasn’t the end of the world. Sure, it was inconvenient, but in the end it all worked out. Getting up tight wasn’t going to make my keys magically crawl out of the dumpster. Getting mad at myself for doing something dumb wasn’t going to be productive either. Finding the humor – and the story to follow – was key.

I have discovered that having a spirit of humor is something that God put in me. We are created in His image, which means He has a sense of humor (and I think He gave me an extra dose!). No doubt God was looking down with tears of joy in His eyes as He watched His daughter (me) do something to make Him laugh. And I know He was proud that I had a right attitude in the moment. His spirit in me makes that possible.

Lastly, I discovered that when others know the truth about themselves, they too can laugh and extend grace. Ken could have gotten frustrated, upset, not helped me, but instead he climbed in with a smile on his face and let me take pictures!!! Because Ken understands that people make mistakes – that he makes mistakes – and there is great power when you can extend grace to others. He knows that God shows him grace every single day, and paying it forward is exactly what God wants him – wants all of us – to do.

If you ever find yourself in a dumpster-diving situation, may you be able to find the humor in the moment. Perhaps in some small way you will discover a truth about yourself, that you are flawed, make mistakes and that is okay. You are loved just the way you are, blonde moments and all, because you are His creation.


8 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

  1. So glad you shared your dumpster moment! It made me laugh and that’s something I need to do more often! Laugh at myself and not take life so seriously. Time is too short, right? Enjoying the moment, especially a dumpster moment, adds so much joy to life. Ken’s smile while in that dumpster says it all.

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