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The Truth About Who YOU Are

Truth... Next ExitDo you ever feel like what you really want to do in life is overwhelmingly self-serving? And does that feeling bother you? Do you desire to evolve something that is inherently inward-looking into something that becomes outward-looking?

This is how I have been feeling about Discovering Me. Naturally, with a project name like Discovering Me, it’s going to have a “me” focus to it. But recently a light bulb turned on in my head… Discovering Me can be a tool, a process that helps others – specifically women – discover who they are. How cool is that? How awesome would it be if my story, my experiences, could help other women discover who they are and how valuable they are just the way they are!

With this shift in focus, Discovering Me is now about…

  1. My personal journey of discovering who I am, discovering the “me” that is Megan.
  2. Realizing that Christ, all along, was saying to my heart, “Megan, discover ME and who I am in your life.”
  3. Sharing with women the truth about who they are – who YOU are; in essence, helping them discover their “me.”

With this new shiny idea, I updated my, to reflect the outward focus with a tagline: Discovering Me: the truth about who YOU are. I finally feel that Discovering Me has a holistic approach, telling not only my story and how I heard Christ say, “Discover ME,” but now helping women discover the truth about who they are – who their “me” is.

In the coming months I will be sharing excerpts from my book (testing the waters, seeing if you guys like it). Then this fall (2016… just in case you are reading this two or three years later), my goal is to pursue speaking engagements where I can share my story, Christ’s influence in my life, and help others find their truth. I have several speaking topics in the works. If you (or anyone you know) are looking for a fun, energetic, reasonably priced speaker for your audience of women both young and distinguished – please send them my way. My topics are available on the Ask Me page of my site.

I look forward to being emotionally raw (I am embracing that part of me on the advice of great counsel) and authentic with y’all (nope, not from Texas but asked if I am ALL the time!).

Let the journey begin…

PS… It feels good to have found words to share today!


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