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Do You Head Whip?

Slow driving cartoonMy husband head whips. Yep. If he is stuck behind a slow or insane driver, as soon as he can pass he races around the car and whips his head around to stare at the person… as if staring makes any difference in behavior modification! Now he always smiles at them as he goes by. He never says anything negative, he simply head whips out of pure curiosity (Megan’s translation of his curiosity: “What’s their problem?”).

His head whipping is something I don’t support. First of all, cranking your head around to look BACK at someone is totally unsafe. I truly hope he never crashes into something or someone because of a head whip.

Secondly, we don’t know the other person’s story. Maybe they were in a recent car accident and are now driving very cautiously. Perhaps they just got pulled over for speeding and are facing a $500 ticket (I paid over $400 for my last speeding ticket… refer to Speedy Gonzalez). Or it could be something as bad as they just left the doctor with really horrible news, and driving slowly is the only way they know how to cope. We don’t know their story.

My third point… we ALL have bad driving days. No doubt we have been the person in the car that others head whip to see as they drive by. No one is perfect  – even on the road. Grace should be extended.

I am all about giving people the benefit of the doubt. The golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I want the benefit of the doubt, don’t you? Plus, road rage or making a point by whipping your head doesn’t accomplish anything good or safe.

Let me step off my soapbox for a minute. Yesterday I was driving home on Van Winkle Expressway (speed zone, cop trap, you get the idea). I am pretty certain that the person driving in front of me must have fallen asleep or died – they were moving SO SLOWLY. My opportunity to move around them opened up and as I passed…. I head whipped!!! Are you kidding me??? I have done nothing but harass my husband about his silly antics and now I was caught in the act! Ugh.

Trust me, I am lecturing myself; as soon as Ken reads this… I’ll never hear the end of it (at least while we are in the car passing slow or insane drivers). I plan to heed my own advice and cease and desist all future head whipping! I stand by my three points, now I shall live by them.

How do you handle annoying drivers on the road? Share if you dare.


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