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Crunch Time

Wedding CountdownThis is it. There is no turning back. You have had six plus months to get your act together and now it’s crunch time. That’s right, you only have 33 days and 17 hours till you walk down the aisle and you definitely want to walk and not roll!

Anyone out there accustom to torturing themselves to lose weight for a significant event? My hand is up in the air. Since the moment Ken and I got engaged all I could really think about is, “Holy cow! I am 15 pounds heavier than when I first got married! I have got to get this off.” Fast forward six months later and my progress has been VERY slow. Sure, I can give every excuse in the book as to why but the reality is: I talked about wanting to do something a whole lot more than actually doing something.

No more. I am not going to weigh what I would hope to weigh by the wedding… and I have finally decided that is okay. Yet even though the dress fits right now and looks great, I still want to try. Not kill myself doing it, but really show myself that trying is success. And remembering that imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

So what’s the plan? Core 4 to the rescue! In 2012 I enjoyed some weight loss success but plateaued. Determined to break through the barrier I established the Core 4, which were four items I chose to not eat or drink because they were (and still are) my biggest downfalls. I saw a lot of success, and in fact, a few months later my weight was the lowest it had been in several years. But life happened and over the last two years it has crept back on (seriously, you turn around one day and notice there is more of you to love… what happened???).

Curious to know my Core 4 (aka trip hazards)?

  1. Alcohol
  2. Fast Food
  3. Sweets/Desserts
  4. Real Soft Drinks (McDonald’s Coke was my greatest addiction. I have been caffeine free since August 2014 but the cravings run deep. If I were to have one now, my heart would likely explode!)

Simple list… and I can tell you I had THREE of the four today! You know, the whole binge before you start thing (I am really good at that part). These are not things I HAVE to avoid, these are things I CHOOSE to not partake in because I know in the end it will be better for me (not just for my waistline but also for my head).

Day 1 of 30 starts tomorrow – Monday, March 14 – and officially ends on Tuesday, April 12. Wish me luck (and my loved ones who might have to deal with some crankiness)!


2 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. Yay for a healthier, happier you! Your real core will be a whole lot stronger and leaner when the core4 aka trip hazards are put to final rest! Besides what it will do for your pretty head! Keep your head in the game. I’m rooting for the healthy Megan who is always beautiful – and that’s the truth!


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