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Southwest Luv HeartDelayed. My flight is delayed. My arrival is delayed. My plans are delayed. Everything is delayed.

I arrived at LAX in plenty of time to comfortably get through security and perhaps grab a drink before my 8:35pm flight. Thanks to the Southwest App I knew the flight had been pushed to 8:50pm. Cool. I can chill for an extra 15 minutes. Then it happened. I pass through security, check the departure board and sure enough the flight is delayed until 10:30pm. Yikes!

What’s a girl to do?

Step One: Confirm. I stop by the agents’ desk to confirm that the flight is indeed delayed and not cancelled. Delayed, yes. Cancelled, no guarantees. Perfect.

Step Two: Text all necessary parties that you are delayed. Done.

Step Three: Fill the tummy. I was hungry and the only thing open and decent was Rock & Brews. I am really trying to stay disciplined and within my calories so I opted for a glass of red wine (which is good for the heart) and a giant-sized Bavarian pretzel. Yum. When they brought out the pretzel I laughed because the thing was twice the size of my head (seriously, I am not even exaggerating!). And the spicy mustard was awesome – permanently solving all my sinus problems! Wow was it hot!

Step Four: Wait. Patiently. So here I am nestled in my comfortable terminal chair writing a blog about being delayed. I must confess I was excited to have something to blog about, especially since you haven’t heard a peep from me since my speeding incident a week ago. Maybe I took slowing down too seriously (I just crack myself up!).

Soapbox Moment: Note that at no point in my four steps did I mention getting angry, frustrated, or upset over the fact that my flight is delayed. It’s pointless to get your feathers ruffled over something you have zero control over. Getting angry accomplishes not one thing. Sure I am disappointed, but I know I will get to where I am going eventually. For all I know God is protecting me from something. Perhaps the 8:35pm flight would have been in danger. Perhaps the pilot has the flu – I don’t want that, do you? Maybe the plane for the 10:30pm flight is in better condition. Whatever the circumstances may be, I know that God is in control. Not me and certainly not Southwest (though it appears that way at the moment).

I have flown a lot over the last several years. I have had many a flight cancelled, delayed, you name it. Never once have I gotten angry. I find solutions. Like the time Jet Blue cancelled a flight and couldn’t get me out until two days later. My mom was my hero that day because she picked me up from Long Beach and raced me to LAX (well I drove but she was with me) and I caught a flight on Southwest. Where there is a will there is a way. Just know you can always find that will and way with a smile and a kind heart. It’s not the poor agents’ faults that the plane is missing. They are just the messengers. Show them some love.

I am off my soapbox now. Side Note: I do love that that LAX offers free WiFi. It is timed though. You have exactly 45 minutes free and then you gotta pay. Bummer for those who have really long layovers or delays. Thankfully I was able to collect my thoughts (they were not delayed, ha!) within the time. In fact I still have 10 minutes to spare!


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