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Stick Figure to the Rescue

The armor of God
The armor of God

Has there ever been a concept that you desperately wanted to grasp, but no matter what you did it kept slipping through the cracks of your mind? This happens to me all the time, especially with Bible verses and where they can be found. I know that God’s love isn’t based on whether or not I understand concepts or know the addresses of key verses. Thankfully He loves me no matter what and the capacity of my mind is irrelevant. That said, in my effort to love Him I really want to better understand His word and its application to my life.

During my time this morning the topic was putting on the armor of God. I have heard about the armor of God my whole life. I even know what the pieces of armor are (helmet, shoes, shield, sword, belt; I always forget about the breastplate!), and just recently I was able to lock in that the passage could be found somewhere in Ephesians. But beyond that, everything else is a blank. Today I was determined to commit this small portion of the bible to memory!

Enter the stick figure. Why not draw a stick figure girded with each piece of the armor? After all I am a visual learner – it just might stick (pun intended)! So that is exactly what I did (as you can tell by the picture). I followed the scripture and with each piece I dressed my little figure and then really thought through the significance of each element. By taking the time to illustrate the armor of God it really makes sense to me now. For example, the breastplate of righteousness is there to protect our heart from enemy attacks. The shield of faith is to be raised to defend the fiery arrows of the enemy. Our belief in God, our faith, is the best protection or shield we could ever have during war.

The armor of God came to life for me today… through a stick figure. Oh, and I will now remember the passage can be found in Ephesians 6 because there are six pieces to the armor. How clever is that!

If there is a concept you want to commit to memory I encourage you to find a way to make it stick. Find a way that appeals to your senses, or your sense of memory. My clever Ken will often use acronyms or word alliteration or create a phrase to help him remember key concepts. Identify how you best learn, apply that method to the concept you want to capture, and you are good to go. You never know, a stick figure could come to your rescue.


4 thoughts on “Stick Figure to the Rescue

  1. Love this! I always have a hard time remembering memory verse addresses, too. 😉 What a great way to memorize this passage, using a visual and linking Ephesians 6 to six pieces of armor. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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    1. I knew I wasn’t alone. God shows up for us in the funniest ways. I love knowing we are created in His image… and that image includes a sense of humor and occasional stick figures.


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