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It’s Time

I am a member of COMPEL TrainingIt happened today. I was talking to the Lord about my day, and as usual, was telling Him what I had planned (emphasis on I). I got kind of a “That’s all fine and dandy, but I need you to start writing the book,” type of response. Whoa. Why now? Why today? Can’t I just wait until after the wedding and I am settled in Utah??? “No… start now.”

So what did I do today? Everything but start writing the book. God is funny though. He doesn’t just ask then move on. He asks and then He puts His Holy Spirit to work. All day I knew I should be writing but I kept focusing on the tasks I deemed as important (and they are important, but could have waited). However (as I pat myself on the back), I am ending my day with writing something, and confessing the fact that I didn’t listen… TO GOD. Really, Megan? Yes… really (head hangs in shame). And the worst part is, I know exactly what section of the book to write first.

One aspect of starting the book is to go through the COMPEL training program. They have five series of classes. I will work through them in order and begin the book during the training process. The first assignment was to go to the “I am NEW” forum and post about myself. So I did. I have officially begun. They even provide cool buttons to add to your website to show you are a member (hence the picture… again, it’s official).

I am looking forward to this journey, and to sharing with all of you along the way. Depending on the day I might even share some of my book writings… might (it would have to be really good and something I thought was awesome for me to do that; I know, pass the humble pie).

I had no idea that January 18, 2016 would be the “it’s time” day… but now it’s marked and the book begins.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Sweetheart I’m proud of you! Moreso, I encourage you to press forward in response to His leaning on your heart. Press forward. Lean in. He WILL guide you….especially when the tough days come…and they will. Strong faith, God-dependence, and yielding to the Holy Spirit will bring victory. Remember, all’s well that STARTS (the world says “ends”) WELL! And you are off to a GREAT start. Love from Your #1 raving fan 😄

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