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Playful Rocks

Tabitha the kitten
Meet Tabitha
I would like to believe that every person has a playful side. It might be someone’s best kept secret, but for those who can let their playful out… excellent! Those closest to me know that I have a playful side, and the older I get the more willing I am to let it out.

That might seem backwards. Usually we are playful as kids and as adults we grow more serious. But for me, I was a pretty serious kid which carried into my 30s. As I work toward my 40s I find that I enjoy the playful me much more than the serious me. In fact, I often say I crack myself up!

Here is playful in action. The other night I was on FaceTime with my fiancé when he needed to step away for a minute. To keep me occupied he put Tabitha on the screen. (Tabitha is the new kitten in The Kitty Collective. What is The Kitty Collective, you ask? It’s a long story… trust me. Just know it is a collection of five – yes five – stuffed kitties that travel to and fro between my fiancé and me. We have Pepper, Baby Leona, Speckles, Tasha and now Tabitha. So cute they all are.) So naturally I started chatting with Tabitha. Yes, talking out loud to a stuffed cat. She has one ear that is round and one that is pointy. I was comforting her by letting her know that she was unique. It was at that precise moment that I heard my fiancé chuckle in the background… and I started to laugh as well. I mean holy cow, I was talking to a stuffed cat!!! I even took a screenshot of the call as proof.

Right about now y’all might think I have fallen off my rocker. I’m okay with that. Why? Because being playful brings me joy. It keeps me peaceful and grounded, and it reminds me what is really important versus my manufactured importance (translation: things I think are important that in reality are just made to be important by my limited understanding and self-imposed pressures).

I think being playful rocks. I have to thank my fiancé for really showing me the power of being playful, just letting go and having fun. I don’t want to ever be the non-fun person in the room. I love to laugh, I love to see other people smile. It brings great joy. There is nothing wrong with playful. Oh, and I am totally convinced that God has a robust sense of humor. Look at all of us!


4 thoughts on “Playful Rocks

  1. Oh and Jack wanted me to mention that when you come over Wednesday (we are all looking forward to seeing you!!) you’ll have to meet Tabitha’s twin sister, Pinky.

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