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Challenge Accepted!

Gold Star
Gold Star for Megan!

I love the inconsistency of me. It has been 1,227 days or 3 years, 4 months and 10 days since I last wrote in my Discovering Me Log (and yes, there is a site on the web that does the calculation – I did not sit and count the days; oh, and the log is a word doc on my computer that keeps my book-related thoughts in some kind of order, or just in existence). So why after over 1,200 days have I decided to write in this log. Simple. A challenge was presented to me today and I have decided to accept it.

I was volunteering at Giving Children Hope today when Jeff White, a board member, asked me how my book was coming along. Shame. I have done nothing on the book, and I had to tell him that. He then said that I have to start writing every day. Even if it is something very small, irrelevant, not good… just write. I think it is more about the art of discipline than the actual craft of writing. After all I left my job with the goal of writing a book (which was three months ago). Going forward I will not have to hang my head in shame, because I have accepted the challenge to write something every day. I have a blog, a good blog, but I only write for that about once a week (which you all know because you are reading it right now). It counts, but it is clearly not enough. I haven’t started my COMPEL training yet, but I would imagine the program would also encourage a daily touch point with writing. Do you think writing a card, letter or note of encouragement to someone would count for the daily writing? Hmmm…. I am thinking that should be an add-on only (why? I don’t know).

A lot has gone on over the last nearly 3.5 years that I can’t possibly cover right now, but oh what fun it will be to share my life’s journey when the right time presents itself. So perhaps without even knowing it the book will start pouring out of me as I venture to write something daily. I will confess that I debated about whether I should use my computer/iPad or hand write. By now we know which medium won. Plus, I type a whole lot faster. There is spell check, and I can copy/paste to rearrange my thoughts as needed (which I have already done).

You know what else I discovered today? A Writing Log (this is different from the Discovering Me log… my titles are so creative!). Yes, a log. In this log is one entry from March 27, 2012. On that day I wrote for 2 hours, 22 minutes, and wrote 851 words (to be exact). That seems like really slow typing to me for two hours, which tells me I probably was reviewing/editing my previous 7,503 words before I started actually writing. And I can tell you in just the last 18 minutes I have typed 532 words (I love the word count feature – plays well into the psychosis of the type-A personality). I have done a GREAT job of tracking ever since (have I written anything since? I think so). I believe the log is a good idea, just not sure when to start logging again. I guess just log the things I really believe will be content for Discovering Me.

Well, this is certainly a raw dialogue of thoughts in my head. Not as well-planned as most of my blog entries, but perhaps it is good to share this random, unorganized, off the cuff side of me. I took all of this straight from my log. I may do this from time to time (oh no).

Look at that. I did some writing today AND I posted a blog. Gold stars for Megan!

2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. Hey Megan, This is great. I’m glad someone encouraged you to write everyday. I think it will serve you well.

    Just one question about this blog : does the sentence below COMPEL need a pronoun? “Do …….(you?) think writing a card… Congrats, tho. You sound better. Ps Sent from my iPad



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