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Megan Mondays

Clearly this picture wasn’t taken on a Monday!

I know it sounds narcissistic, and perhaps it is, but Megan Mondays is in no way a flattering term. In fact, it is downright unflattering… of me!

What are Megan Mondays? There are several versions but here are the ones that float to the top:

  • It is a Monday. It is a Monday in which Megan (and yes, I realize I am typing in third person) has to exist. Typically this existence is in a working capacity.
  • It is a Monday in which Megan has decided she cannot face the world, or rather work. If Megan is going to no-show to work because she is “sick” or needs a “personal day”, chances are it is on a Monday (I hear all my former co-workers totally agreeing right now).
  • It is a Monday when Megan has zero energy or motivation. This is not the day to have a robust schedule filled with meetings and community events. Today’s only real accomplishment should be getting out of bed and at least going to work (and yes, I went to work many a Monday and was a blob).
  • It is a Monday when you kind of wish Megan stayed home. She may be cranky, lacking in joy, not very talkative, works with the door closed, basically avoidance is key. Oh, and she gets weepy on Mondays. To quote a friend, “What up with that?” I don’t know but tears flow readily on Mondays!
  • It is Monday when the night before Megan stayed up too late because she was mad she had to go to bed early. So she rebelled by watching TV or playing games on her iPhone. Come Monday morning she is way too tired (and a tired Megan is just as bad as a Megan on Monday). Bottom line, five hours of sleep doesn’t cut it folks!
  • A Megan Monday is approaching when Megan starts to get real crabby late Sunday afternoon. It’s like her body and mind know what’s coming and she allows it to suck all the joy out of the rest of her Sunday (sadly, my folks have experienced this for years).

So there you have it, Megan Mondays. Sad, isn’t it. I have had the stigma of Megan Mondays for as long as I can remember, at least since I started at Cerritos College in 1999. For whatever reason I have always DREADED Mondays. There is something about the start of the week that just looms over me – even if I like my job or whatever I have planned for that day.

Case in point. I am currently volunteering for Giving Children Hope two days a week. I love being there. I love helping out anyway I can (except making phone calls – so awkward). I strategically go in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to avoid Megan Mondays, but this last week I had to go in on Monday. Sure enough… I was late getting in (that’s a whole other blog topic) and then I was unable to function like a human being. I wasn’t unfriendly at all, but I could hardly put two thoughts together. Pathetic.

I am sure the fact that TODAY is a MONDAY is not lost on my savvy readers. And the beautiful thing about this Monday is that I have absolutely no place to be. So I am in a GREAT mood!

I would love to re-invent Megan Mondays into something upbeat and positive. I can’t believe that all hope is lost… at least not yet. In the meantime, I will just strategically NOT schedule anything on a Monday.

I did have a former co-worker tell me this past week that he missed having me around… even on Mondays! Perhaps there is hope after all!

Ps… Dad asked when there would be a blog about Megan Mondays. Done.

2 thoughts on “Megan Mondays

    1. You are so right. Sunday IS the first day of the week. That has never dawned on me before. Oh, and I will start tearing down my shortcoming statues. I really appreciate the reminder. And praise the Lord for forgiveness – amen!!! Right back at ya!


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