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Red Circle Syndrome

RedCircleSyndromeDoes anyone else suffer from Red Circle Syndrome? Perhaps I should first explain Red Circle Syndrome.

Red Circle Syndrome is when you have a series of little red circles filled with numbers hovering over the apps on your iPhone (not sure if they have this same feature on androids) and you experience anxiety or compulsion as a result. The red circles alert you that there is something to address. And, with each red circle you encounter it either induces anxiety or any overwhelming compulsion to respond to the red circle alert. Immediately.

So I ask again, does anyone suffer (besides me) from Red Circle Syndrome??? It is so bad for me that I finally figured out (thanks to a really smart co-worker) how to turn off the red circles for my email (I keep red circle alerts on for other apps because I am curious when there is something on Facebook or when its time to advance in a game. Sad, I know). Whenever I see a red circle I have to get rid of it… and fast. I have disciplined myself with the red circle over Words with Friends (if you play and are looking for a really good competitor… let me know!). For whatever reason I can let that pesky circle suspend and the numbers add up for a few days… but all other circles, forget about it.

If you are starting to think I am weird, you are right. Hey, we all have little nuances that make us unique (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Mine happens to be Red Circle Syndrome… and maybe an aversion to numbers 1, 3, 7 or 9 (and any numbers ending in those numbers – don’t ask!).

Just thought I would share. All part of Discovering Me.

Ps… isn’t the falling snow on my website cool. Love WordPress’ creativity! I just had to check the “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th” box and ta-da (for other WordPressers it can be found under “Settings”)!

9 thoughts on “Red Circle Syndrome

    1. I knew it! I knew I was not alone. And your comment about how unsophisticated your brain is made me laugh out loud! The red circles remind me of the dog in Up and how he reacted every time he saw a squirrel. The red circles are my squirrels.


    1. I was there too. If you ever want to disable the red circle for your email, here are the steps: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Go to Notifications. 3. Find Mail and click on it. 4. Find the email account you want (if you have several) and click on it. 5. Where it says “Badge App Icon” turn that off. Done. You can follow these steps for any app on your phone… which I have done for almost every single one.

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      1. Thank you-I probably should have mentioned I don’t even use my smartphone for email! I work at home so I’m on my laptop all day, which makes it so easy to just open that extra window and mindlessly check something when I’m bored-when I could always do some chores or read a book to my kids instead!

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