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I’m Official

Discovering Me Business Card
I’m official!

During the 16 years I worked as a marketing professional, I was never without a business card (okay, I had occasions when I didn’t have them with me but they existed). Over the last couple of weeks I had two “professional” opportunities and was lacking in the business card department. Is it fair to say I felt naked? How incredibly awkward to be networking with people and then find yourself saying, “Let me write my info on the back of YOUR card.” And being someone from the marketing world, that is extra embarrassing.

Today = problem solved. With the brilliance of VistaPrint and over 4,000 templates to choose from (that was exhausting, but fun)… I am now official. My Discovering Me business cards are designed and on their way (I even created a Marketing Consultant version too… you just never know). It’s the small accomplishments that put a smile on my face.

So starting November 7 (providing they don’t get lost on the delivery truck) I will no longer suffer humiliation when I am out and about because I will be armed with TWO business cards. That is a really good feeling.

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